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Cloud Seq is an innovative platform that makes Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) projects easy to run and manage without clients needing to purchase expensive sequencing instruments or computer hardware. With absolute transparency, security and confidentiality, Cloud Seq aims to be your trusted research partner for all your sequencing projects.

We are proud to launch Cloud Seq in Singapore starting in January 2013. Initially, we will offer sequencing technologies from both Illumina and Pacific Biosciences. A third option using Ion Torrent from Life Technologies will be made available shortly. All our services come with comprehensive bioinformatics support.

KOOPrime is Singapore's first Next-Generation Sequencing service provider to to offer the Pacific Biosciences PacBio RS platform.

We endeavour to offer a one-stop solution for all NGS services in Singapore and Asia.

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How Cloud Seq is different?


Cloud Seq is a novel platform driven by the affordability of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and the accessibility of Cloud Computing. We offer researchers who need NGS support the best option they can hope for; no need to purchase or maintain costly instruments and data centers to generate and analyse sequence data. BOTH the sequencing platforms and the data analysis pipelines are available through Cloud Seq on a pay-per-use basis. If YOU have a brilliant idea that needs sequence data and bioinformatics support; just send us samples and we'll take care of the rest.

Just as cloud computing allows users access to the latest software and databases while the cloud providers take care of the infrastructure, KOOPrime will take care of all the necessary laboratory and computing resources necessary to process your samples and deliver your data via the internet securely and in a timely manner. You don't have to worry about how the sequencing or bioinformatics are done. Just send us your samples and we will deliver your data to you.

We also offer comprehensive consultancy services by a panel of world renowned experts from ASTAR institutes of Singapore during the pre-implementation stage and effective Project Management services during project implementation stage so that you are assured of reaching your milestones in time and within budget.

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Key Advantages of Cloud Seq


  • No need to set up an expensive sequencing lab and the necessary supporting bioinformatics lab.
  • Easy access to rapidly evolving NGS technologies and the latest algorithms for sequence assembly, annotation and analysis.
  • Choose from a wide repository of preconfigured packages of NGS technologies and data analysis pipelines or customise your own solution.
  • Extremely competitive pricing on a global level in keeping within budget requirements of regional biotech industry and academia.
  • Highly secure and transparent with utmost confidentiality. No conflict of interest at any level.
  • You don't have to be tied down to any one sequencing technology just because you bought that instrument. Utilise what is best for your current project and change when your needs change or when there is a better technology.
  • Able to track project progress from anywhere within the web utilising robust XML and Java/J2EE environment for data management.
  • Very user friendly GUI with Web 2.0 technology/.NET.
  • All our processors are compliant with several international standards.
  • Expert consultancy services by a panel of internationally renowned scientists.
  • Professional project management for timely implementation of the project within budget.
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Cloud Seq Infostructure


As bioinformatics is critical with any Next-Generation Sequencing project. KOOPrime's IT solutions will extract and manage information from the deluge of sequence data using best industry practices. KOOPrime's iBioSuite has an Integrated Bioinformatics Workbench that greatly augments its bioinformatics and data management capabilities.

The different layers of our middleware are seamlessly integrated for smooth data flow and cater to:

  1. Raw Data capture (Matrix Gemini LIMS).
  2. Data management including aggregation and integration (Datamatique and XMELD).
  3. Automated Data Analysis pipelines to facilitate integrated data analysis (mp2/Quascade).
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