About KOOPrime
Our Background

KOOPrime is one of the first software companies to provide component-based solutions and services to the life sciences industry. We provide an integrative platform capable of linking heterogeneous businesses, software, hardware, and human processes through the use of components. We also provide toolsets of components that can streamline Internet data collection, high-throughput data processing and data visualisation.

Our technologies have been successfully applied in a number of key verticals. The bioresearch vertical includes organizations that perform biomolecular research and provide services for biomedical and agricultural-veterinary purposes. Within the pharmaceutical vertical, KOOPrime delivers knowledge management systems for drug discovery, pre-clinical research and clinical trial purposes. In the healthcare vertical, KOOPrime builds tissue registries, HL7 exchange system and clinical studies systems for hospitals and health ministries.

In Sep 2006, the HKUST-KOOPrime-HP Bioinformatics Centre was setup at Hong Kong to focus on Chinese medicine and infectious diseases. A subsidiary, KOOPrime Consulting, was also formed to complement and provide validation services for GXP compliance across the life science industry.

KOOPrime has established presence in various Asian countries, in particular, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China and India, and also an operation in US. The key shareholders include National University of Singapore, Merlion Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd, Glaxo Smith Kline Manufacturing and Bio*One Capital Pte Ltd. (investment arm of EDB)

Our Mission & Vision

KOOPrime's vision is to be the leading IT solutions and services provider for Life Science Industry.

Our mission is to "To design, develop and market niche informatics products and services so as to meet the needs of the growing life science industry in Asia and beyond"
Our Philosophy

KOOPrime aims to achieve its vision by focusing core competence on integration of IT systems across verticals, and by this, discover hidden knowledge to create new business opportunities for their customers. By converging both bioinformatics and medical informatics, KOOPrime aims to gain competitive differentiators and deliver niche end-to-end solutions and products for customers in the Life Science Industry.