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Nov 2014,Singapore
To collaborate with A*STAR DXD hub.

May 2014,Singapore
To congratulate Cloudseq for securing investment from Expara.

Mar 2014,Singapore
To lunch with iPS cells scientists from Riken.

Feb 2014,Singapore
To setup Natural Product Database for A*STAR.

Feb 2014,Singapore
To congratulate I3 Precision for securing investment from NRF & RDV.

Jan 2014,Singapore
To give talk about innovations convergence at IMRE.

Jun 2013,Singapore
To maintain BIOME system for NParks.

Jun 2013,Singapore
To assist Adigenics in setup of stem cells R&D lab.

Jun 2013,Singapore
To Participate in ISS Career Fair.

Jan 2013,Singapore
Launch of Cloud Seq NSG Service.

Nov 2012,Singapore
To shift office to #12-09 Manhattan House.

Sep 2012,Singapore
To collaborate with ITE nursing on multilingual translation.

Aug 2012,Singapore
Exploration with workgroups at A*STAR.

May 2012,Singapore
Partnership with Motorola Solutions.

Jan 2012,Singapore
To host Saudi colleagues at Biopolis.

Nov 2011,Singapore
To receive ISS Distinguished Alumni Award.

Nov 2011,Singapore
To shift office to Manhattan House.

Sep 2011,Singapore
To deliver genetics prediction system for heart diseases.

Jun 2011,Singapore
To support clinician driven innovation workshop.

Jun 2011,Singapore
To present at MND R&D Congress.

Mar 2011,Singapore
SCRI & NUHS H1N1 iTRIALS studies on Lancet

Mar 2011,Singapore
To partner ADSC on medication tracking.

Oct 2010,Singapore
To demo Fully Automated Robot at one of the hospitals.

Sep 2010,Singapore
To commence Genetics Prediction project for heart Diseases.

17 Apr 2010, Singapore
Food Security Plenary Panelist at LKY Sch ofPublic Policy.

11 Mar 2010, Singapore
Award of chemical surveillance project by NUS.

13 Jan 2010, Singapore
Award of chemical surveillance project by NTU.

3 Dec 2009, Singapore
Presented RMT at SPRING event

7 Nov 2009, Singapore
Launch of H1N1 clinical trial site

15 Oct 2009, Singapore
Duke-NUS Infectious Disease Portal

30 Sep 2009, Singapore
Won tender on National Biodiversity Database System

29 Jun 2009, Singapore
Kick off meeting for Robotic Medical Team initiative

12 Mar 2009, KOOPrime's Mobile Patient Health Record (MPHR) Solution won theHealthcare Innovation Award
SingTel i.Challenge08, Singapore

28 Feb 2009, Singapore
Completed GLP system for an Animal Screening Company.

5 Dec 2008, Jakarta
Delivery of LIMS at a screening agency, Jakarta.

15 Sep 08, KOOPrime to present at
Grid Asia 2008, Singapore

03 Sep 08, KOOPrime to participate at
JAIMA Show 2008, Japan

18 Jun 2008, Sydney
KOOPrime new partnerhsip with Macquarie University, Australia

16 Apr 2008, Singapore
Open ceremony of spinoff company, ,iGATES

18 Dec 2007,Malaysia
KOOPrime Malaysia awarded MSC status.

01 Dec 2007,Singapore
CEO to present talk on convergence of Bio- and Medical- Informatics at SIM

28 Nov 2007, Singapore
To introduce KOOPrime to members of ASOCIO

28 Nov 2007, Singapore
To conduct iCHEMS training for 80 users

05 Oct 2007, Global
Release of KOOP' Special Edition 2007 newsletter.

10 Sep 2007, Malaysia

27 Aug 2007, China
KOOPrime to sponsor InCoB 2007.

01 Jul 2007, Singapore
Release of 2007 Summer issue of KOOP'.

06 Jun 2007, Global
CEO to present workflow talk at WWWFG/Grid Asia 2007.

18 May 2007, Global
Meeting of partners at HiMSS.

20 Apr 2007, Singapore
Delivery of iTrials at ASTAR/NUH.

13 Mar 2007, UK-Singapore
Partnership with IDBS.

22 Feb 2007, Singapore
Chemical Inventory System for Singapore Polytechnic.

13 Jan 2007, Singapore
Bioinformatics article in Asia Pacific Biotech News by KOOPrime.

28 Dec 2006, Global
Release of KOOP' Winter 2006 newsletter.

13 Nov 2006, India
Announcement of the completion of Dengue Portal with NITD.

20 Oct 2006, Singapore
Delivery of MAU System at IMCB.

28 Sep 2006, Global
Setup of KOOPrime Consulting with Aspecx.

04 Sep 2006, Hong Kong
Setup of HKUST-KP-HP Bioinformatics Centre.

25 Aug 2006, China
KOOPrime to present at Nanshan Science & Techno Forum.

17 Aug 2006, Singapore
KOOPrime and GeneBio to be corporate sponsors of SSMS.

25 Jul 2006, Singapore
KOOPrime to receive UK-Singapore Partners Science Collaboration award.

16 May 2006, Singapore
KOOPrime to participate in Grid Asia 2006.

28 Mar 2006, China
KOOPrime to visit partners and clients that are into TCM.

02 Mar 2006, Taiwan
KOOPrime to partner ABI on DNA fingerprinting project at Taipei.

20 Jan 2005, Malaysia
KOOPrime to conduct R-package training for client.

11 Jan 2006, Singapore
KOOPrime to participate in IACUC training.

30 Nov 2005, Singapore
KOOPrime to participate in IACUC training.

21 Nov 2005, China
KOOPrime to visit proteomics partners at Beijing.

01 Nov 2005, Thailand
KOOPrime to participate in BioThailand 2005.

27 Sep 2005, Malaysia
KOOPrime to sponsor and talk in National Conference on AgrICT2005.

8 Aug 2005, Singapore
KOOPrime to participate in NUS Centennial Entrepreneurship Awards.

01 Jul 2005, Singapore
KOOPrime to publish first copy of KOOP' newsletter.

22 Jun 2005, Singapore
KOOPrime to partner GeneBio for proteomics solutions.

01 Jun 2005, Singapore
KOOPrime CEO to be interviewed by NUS Enterprise.

02 May 2005, Singapore
KOOPrime to co-present with partners at Grid Asia 2005 Conference.

25 Apr 2005, Japan
KOOPrime to visit Mitsui and partners.

14 Feb 2005, Thailand
KOOPrime to present a bioinformatics forum at BIOTEC.

26 Nov 2004, China
KOOPrime to visit China MOH and CDC with Infocomm Development Authority.

1st Nov 2004, Singapore
KOOPrime Singapore to shift to #03-28 Aquarius, Science Park II, S 117628.

8 Sep 2004, Singapore
Participate in 1st International BioEngineering Conference2004.

10 Jul 2004, Taiwan
Exhibit at HL7 conference with partners.

2 Jul 2004, Singapore
CEO to give talk at NUS Bizventure Alumni Forum.

6 Jun 2004, USA
VP Business Development to participate in BIO2004.

15 Apr 2004, Singapore
Business Times Report on KOOPrime.

15 Apr 2004, Japan
Listing on Kanagawa Trade Promotion Corporation.

15 Mar 2004, Singapore
Agreement with Nanyang Polytechnic to license Microarray Genome Mapper.

01 Mar 2004, Japan
APBioGrid at integrated Databases and DataGrid for Structural Biology.

27 Feb 2004, Singapore
National Cancer Centre presentation at SingHealth Research Network Forum

15 Feb 2004, Malaysia
CEO to visit Kuala Lumpur.

15 Jan 2004, Singapore
CEO to talk at INSEAD.

04 Dec 2003, Philippines
Product Manager to present LiveBASE at ASTI workshop.

15 Nov 2003, China
CEO to visit various organizations.

Nov 2003, Singapore
Completion of ISS
|Gel Imaging Project|

09 Nov 2003, Singapore
EDB to invest in KOOPrime.

21 Oct 2003, Singapore
KOOPrime to conduct BPI tutorial at NTU.

24 Sep 2003, Hyderabad
KOOPrime to demonstrate with IBM and bigtec at Pharma & Biotech India International 2003.
|CIDEX Info|

23 Sep 2003, Singapore
KOOPrime to demonstrate with IBM at the opening day for NIE Biocomputing Laboratory.

12 Sep 2003, California
KOOPrime to participate in OracleWorld.
|BioITWorld Article|

17 Aug 2003, Holland
Dutch article on KOOPrime

15 Aug 2003, Singapore
KOOPrime to co-organize with IBM, AIMS and NUS the Bioinformatics Symposium 2003

11 Jul 2003, Australia
KOOPrime to present at XIX International COngress of Genetics with Hewlett Packard at Melbourne.

29 Jun 2003, Australia
KOOPrime to co-present at Workflow Integration workshop in 2003 ISMB Brisbane.

22 Jun 2003, Washington
KOOPrime to exhibit at booth 2525 (Singapore Pavilion) in BIO2003.

11 Jun 2003, USA
KOOPrime is hyperlinked at Oracle site.

2 Jun 2003, Malaysia
KOOPrime to visit various universities and research organizations with Variflex.

14-16 May 2003, Tokyo
KOOPrime, Mitsui and IBM jointly participate in BioExpo 2003.

7-11 Apr 2003, Singapore
KOOPrime presents at NTU & NIE Life Sciences Event.

26 Mar 2003, China
KOOPrime adopts the use of HP's Itanium2 to provide component-based solutions and services to the life sciences industry.

18 Mar 2003, Singapore
KOOPrime and ACOM to sponsor Technology Breakfast Series at Science Center Port, Philadelphia.

17 Mar 2003, Singapore-Canada
Joint Singapore-Canada Workshop on
|Interface of Biology with Info Tech|

10 Dec 2002, Singapore
KOOPrime teamed with IBM to provide applications for life sciences market.

23 Sep 2002, Holland
BioGrid demo at Amsterdam.

18 Jul 2002, Singapore
KOOPrime's CEO to give talk at SNSI's Entrepreneur's Network Night.

12 Jul 2002, Singapore
KOOP technologies to be presented at Ingram/SUN iForce Knights of the Roundtable.

20 Jun 2002, Singapore
Cray, LION, KOOPrime and APBioNet Engineers Provide a Recipe for Bioinformatics.

10 Jun 2002, Singapore
KOOPrime to participate in BIO2002.

2002, Singapore
KOOPrime delivered Microarray solution at National Cancer Center.

2002, China
Chinese article on KOOPrime.

26 Jan 2002, Thailand
APGrid Core Meeting at Phuket.